Knee Socks Arctic Monkeys (AM)


i love movies so much i love the power of film and how they affect me and everyone and different genres and their beauty and different opinions and different cinematography techniques and colour palettes and good acting and interesting story and relatable characters and well written characters and good characterization and drama and good writing and tight direction and oh my god i’m so emotional i love film so much 

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You can stay in the same place and still find ways to leave people.

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"I’ve had enough of running away, Sophie."

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got my master’s degree today!

i can’t believe how relaxed i was on my oral exam of defending my dissertation. esp bc i am normally really nervous when i have to speak in public. and it went so well, maximum grade!

my life as a student is done! :(

Xavier Dolan for L’uomo Vogue, Ph. by Shayne Laverdière

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Chaos is order yet undeciphered

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